"Sentier des montagnes" or Mountain trail 




  True to its name, this 15-kilometre trail leads to Percé's backcountry mountains, offering at their top unique views of the coastline below. Starting at Anse-à-Beaufils just across from the fishing harbour, the Mountain Trail goes along the 'Côte de la Fourche' to Irishtown Road where it then starts going up the mountain. After trekking over a few mountaintops, you will finally reach the village of Percé. But before going down, make sure you spend a couple hours discovering Mont Ste-Anne and its surroundings: Take the 'Sentier des Pieds Croches' trail to the Crevasse, then the 'Sentier des Sources' up to Mont Ste-Anne belvederes for panoramic views of Percé below. There is also a side-trail up to the Grotto, which offers easy to fair hiking as well as some steeper spots.




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