Parc national de l'Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé

Île Bonaventure sector

Open from May 22 to October 09, 2017



  May 22 to June 4 : 9am to 4pm
June 5 to September 16 : 9am to 5pm
September 17 to October 9 : 9am to 4pm

(Schedule could change due to weather conditions)

Île Bonaventure sector is open to the public from the beginning of June to mid-October (Monday of Thanksgiving), daily from 9am. to 5pm.(weather permitting, usually is). Pets are not allowed in the park.


To access bonaventure island, private boats leave the Percé wharf, going to both sides of Percé Rock, then around Bonaventure Island to see tens of thousands of birds  (boat ride is approximately 1 hour 15).


On Bonaventure Island, park staff welcomes visitors with information on available island activities. Here is a summary of activities and services available in the Bonaventure Island sector:


  • Activity history at La Maison LeBoutillier
  • Guided hikes with a park naturalist to the Gannet Colony
  • Rally discovery
  • 4 walking trails lead to the gannet colony :
  • - Des Mousses trail: 3.5 Km (Approx. 75 minutes one way)
  • - Des Colonies trail: 2.8 Km (Approx. 45 minutes one way)
  • - Paget trail: 3.7 Km (Approx. 60 minutes one way)
  • - Chemin du Roy trail: 4.9 Km (Approx. 90 minutes one way)
  • The Colony: You come face to face with 60,000 couples of Northern gannets. A park naturalist is on site.
  • Resto des Margaux
  • Boutique Nature
  • Service point at the colony


For a complete list of activities and services:


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