Architectural heritage

The Chafaud


Owned by the former Charles Robin Company (1776 - c. 1886), this large three-story structure built around 1845 was used for the processing of cod. It has a medium-slope gable-top roof with split roof slopes and cedar-shingle roofing as well as clinker-built board siding. Only some hung windows with small panes adorn the two facings while the lateral walls have broad wood-shuttered apertures. The southern main facade used to edge the waterline and end with a landing pier going out into the water. This facade opened up at the first floor by means of several single and double swinging doors, which was quite convenient for the handling of fish. The northern facade’s main entrance to the second floor, featuring a broad double swinging door opening onto an inclined board way, was easily accessed by wagons filled with salt dry cod to be stored while awaiting shipping to such destinations as Italy, Portugal and the Caribbean.

  145, route 132, Percé